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Since there’s nothing to do over break, I feel like all I’ve been doing is trying to find stuff to eat, but only problem is…I have no food, or at least I only have one terminal food source and therefore cannot deplete from it too much otherwise I’ll starve for the rest of the week…So! Dilemmas, dilemmas…

Anyhow, here are some drawings I’ve done recently:

I’ve been trying my hand at moving towards realism, but I’ve got a lot more practicing to do…Eyes are so fascinating to me, but of course I feel like eyes are fascinating for pretty much all the artists I know. Eyes can be so expressive and beautiful and just down right amazing, especially with reflecting lights…and colors…and ok, I’m rambling…I need to practice my lips better, they all look kind of similar and I need to work on making things vary so I don’t end up drawing clones of everyone…So!



My Spring Break…

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Spring break! Thank goodness…but now I have nothing to do but sit in my dorm room and blog about my boring nothingness. So! All I’ve done…is sleep for ungodly amounts of time and draw. Which is very relaxing, but also very boring once you realize that this is all you’ve done for ten hours straight. Still, not that I’m complaining about having break. Just wish that I could…drive and go somewhere…like WalMart! I desperately need to get there and pick up some things. Anywho, I have not accessed a scanner yet…so I can’t post up any new drawings, but that’s ok, I shall bore you all with an old drawing of mine that I failed to post the last time! Yay!!!

Dream Tearm!

Dream Team!

Well, I’m off to do more nothingness! Until next time:

The Ki, out!

A Day in the Life

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I’ve been revisiting some of my old pictures that I drew several years back, and decided to repaint some of them (mostly because I couldn’t stand the sight of the old ones anymore).   With homework being piled up all the time I think I need to just take time this next break and paint something new, it’s been a while since I’ve really settled down and focused on something. Man, I miss those days…

I watched Watchmen the second day it came out, (thank goodness I’m going to a college in a little town, there are no lines for anything) and immediately had to draw Nite Owl in his revamped costume. Despite how people kept saying there was no way anybody could make a decent movie adaptation, I must say I enjoyed the movie thoroughly. It was a bit long, but I didn’t mind. And for the critics of the new costumes…honestly, they were in need of an update, because a bunch of people running around in tights wouldn’t have cut it in this day and age of movies. I think the designs kept a good balance of the old designs and a fresh new approach which was great. And now I’m totally ranting…anyway, needless to say I loved the movie just as I loved the graphic novel.

That’s all for now folks!

Hello world!

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